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Want to learn Graffiti?

The GRAFFITI BIBLE is a 352-page complete guide on how to do graffiti for anyone without prior knowledge of the subject. 


This book will give you knowledge about the fundamentals of graffiti through explanations of techniques, examples of styles & alphabets, exercises and how you can become a skilled graffiti writer yourself!


This publication expands the subculture genre to include a very interesting facet: It describes the Graffiti culture itself through interviews with world-famous graffiti writers such as BATES, NYCHOS, CHAS, MADC, ASKEW and others, who tell us their story and secrets on how they became some among the best writers in the world. You can study their pieces from their earlier days to the very professional level they are on today!


The book is edited by Eske Touborg who is specialised in graffiti education publishing since 2014 and released several smaller titles on this topic already. Eske now combines all his knowledge in this complete guide that deserves the name GRAFFITI BIBLE.


219 kr. = 30€


Shipping is 14 € for 1 book and 28 € for more due to the weight of the books!



  • GRAFFITI BIBLE – a complete guide on how to do graffiti
  • Edited by Eske Touborg
  • Published by Publikat Publishing
  • ISBN 978-3-949526-01-5
  • Release November 2021
  • Size 30x21 (landscape)
  • Softcover, 354 Pages, Weight 1.5kg
  • Text in English

GraffitiBible - A Complete Guide On How To Do Graffiti

kr 219,00Pris